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The Benefits of Becoming a Freemason


Moral Self-Improvement

Freemasonry is, first and foremost, a beautiful system of morals, veiled in allegory and illustrated by symbols.

As a fraternity, it offers tools whereby the Mason may augment, magnify, or build upon his already-existing moral foundation. These tools are neutral both religiously and politically, so they are fit for everyone to use.


Increased Brotherhood

Whenever you ballot to elect any of your lodge brethren, you are showing that same brotherly trust towards them (even though your ballot is anonymous). If you are ever in the position to appoint others, then those appointments will also be indicative of that same brotherly trust that you have for them.

That is trust not only to lead the lodge in some capacity, but also to be an official representative of the lodge to the grand lodge and, just as importantly if not more so, to the local community.



Masons are to mix with the world.

Given that Freemasonry is a civic fraternity, each Mason is given the opportunity to get to know others.

We are not talking about looking at people’s social media profiles or interacting virtually (unless, of course, a global pandemic leaves little choice in the matter);

We mean getting to know someone in-person. While a social medium can be a wonderful tool to augment our community relationships, it can never serve as a substantial substitute for them.



A natural side-effect of being a Freemason is developing the skills necessary to be an effective leader.

Whether you become a lodge officer, are appointed to chair a committee, or are asked to head a specific charity or service project, it is impossible to avoid the opportunities to improve your leadership skills.

About Us

What is
Harmony Lodge No. 21

Harmony Lodge No. 21 is a regularly chartered lodge under the jurisdiction of the Grand Lodge of Utah F. & A. M. Our beloved lodge was granted its charter on January 19, 1916 which was presented during a ceremony on February 1 of that year, attended by The Grand Master of Masons in Utah William Shealy, members of the Grand Lodge of Utah, Harmony Lodge members, local dignitaries, and the general public.

Harmony Lodge No. 21 holds its regular stated meeting every 2nd Tuesday of the month (dark in July and August) at 7:30 PM. All members and visiting brothers are cordially invited to attend.

A dinner is usually provided at 6:30 PM prior to our stated meetings. All brothers, fellows, and interested gentlemen are invited to share a meal with us.

Harmony Lodge Alter

2023 Officers:

Kurtis B. Payne, PM, Worshipful Master

Carl C. Ellsworth, Senior Warden

Matthew A. Harris, PM, Junior Warden

Lloyd Harris, Treasurer

Gary T. Roberts, Secretary

Seth B. Pritchard, Senior Deacon

Philip R. Henderson, Junior Deacon

David Snyder, PM, Chaplain

Gary T. Roberts, 3 year Trustee

Seth B. Pritchard, 2 Year Trustee

Jason Lee, 1 Year Trustee

Timothy Fellows, PM, Lodge Lecturer

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